Congratulation message of Rector Hovhannes Tokmajyan on Mother’s Day 

Dear women, mothers and sisters

I heartily congratulate you on Mother’s Day. This unique holiday which is first and foremost a celebration of the role of the mother is combined with another day of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which has been included in both the Armenian Apostolic Church and the national calendar as a blessing day for future mothers.

The life of each of us begins in the gentle and caring hands and warm embrace of mother and she becomes our closest and dearest person who can be replaced by no one. The mother’s name is on our lips for the rest of our lives; it caresses our hearing and calms our troubled heartbeat. Therefore, each new day is a new opportunity to honor her and to lavish words of appreciation on those who are «selfless guardians of the family home» and at the same time women dedicated to their work and the Homeland.

On these spring holidays I send you my warmest wishes that every moment of your life be full of love and happiness and that your beauty adorns everyone like a spring awakening.

On the occasion of the day I would like to express my special congratulations and gratitude to worship those heroic mothers whose children have defended ancient Armenian land at the cost of their lives regardless of the historical period. Despite the irreparable loss and great pain, you must continue to live and be proud of such sons because their martyrdom has been crowned with glory which is invaluable for the Homeland and the Armenian people.

Indeed, motherhood is the highest value because only the mother is awarded the gift of bearing a new human life by Lord and it is the best gift to all mankind…