Prize awarding ceremony dedicated to May Triple Holiday competition

Prize awarding ceremony was held in the university park dedicated to the performances on the 75th anniversary of the victory in the World War 2, the 28th anniversary of the liberation of Shushi, online compositions on military-patriotic themes, citation of poems dedicated to war heroes, videos on military-patriotic topics, music clips, sound performances, slides, workshops developing communication skills, quizzes and inter-university brain-ring competitions on July 3.

The Rector of Shushi University of Technology H. Tokmajyan, vice rectors, lecturers and participants of the events who won prizes attended the event.

“The analysis of active participation of students and positive feedback suggests that the events dedicated to May Triple Holiday served their purpose in terms of military-patriotic bringing up of students thus meeting scientific and cognitive needs and creating a favorable public opinion”, -Chair of the Humanities, organizer of the event, head of the orgcommittee, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor M. Harutyunyan said.

Harutyunyan also thanked the deans of the Technological and Agricultural departments of the university, course masters and the lecturers of the Chair of Languages who supported the organizational affairs of the event.

All the participants and teams were awarded with diplomas and letters of gratitude for their active participation in the competition, for the maximum number of views, likes, comments and shares and were awarded the following books authored by M. Harutyunyan: “Artsakh War military path of Defense Army in1991-1994”, “Issues of the historiography of the Artsakh movement”, “Eagles of Sos” by K. Hakobyan, “Victories as they were: call 44” by H. Khachatryan, G. Ghazaryan, S. Margaryan,  “Our Victories” (Vol. A, B, G.) by the collective authors of “Noravank” Scientific-Educational Foundation, collections of  “State terrorism of Azerbaijan and ethnic discrimination policy against Nagorno Karabakh” and “Shushi as Armenian Cultural Center” by different Armenian and foreign authors presented in various international conferences.

It should be reminded that the student teams of Artsakh State and Mesrop Mashtots Universities took part in the inter-university brain-ring and won the 2nd and the 3rd places being awarded with diplomas and encouraging gifts.

According to the students, especially noteworthy and appreciated was the fact that as an encouragement they received books which is more expensive than any kind of gift and according to them, this is a step to re-evaluate the role of the book in the society and such kinds of events motivate them to develop their skills and abilities more and more.