Congratulation message of the President of the Republic of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan on International Day of Children’s Defense

 My warmest congratulations to every child on International Day of Children’s Defense. The key issue of state policy and individual and collective efforts of each of us for building a prosperous and dignified future is first and foremost to make our children’s day brighter and happier by educating a healthy, intelligent and creative generation in the conditions of their proper security.

The state government will surely continue to expand all educational, health and social programs which will contribute to having a healthy and developed generation and educate it according to the national thinking. The implementation of the right of our children to have a safe and happy childhood is one of the primary responsibilities of the state and the authorities will do their best to implement it properly.

Dear children!

Every day of the year is yours, our every hope and effort is directed to you. I wish you family warmth,  happy childhood, a peaceful sky and continuous educational and creative success.

Good luck to you!