1 (1)The second year master students of the specialty of «Food technology» of the Department of Agriculture of Shushi University of Technology had laboratory lesson at Stepanakert «Centre of standardization, topology and certification» SNTO on the subject of «Fermentation and wine making».

IMG-e5bc4ed0d87da9a2ab03a209989aacd1-V With the help of the lecturer of the chair of Agronomy Alina Baghryan the students had determined the acidity of titrated red dry wine: «This method is based on using bromtimol blue indicator, food and potentiometer and titrating some amount of food until we get neutral reaction»,-A. Baghryan had underlined in her talk with us and added that during the laboratory work they had also determined the amount of the sugar in wine.

As the students said such practical lessons strengthened their theoretical knowledge allowing them to obtain certain serious professional skills.