On April 12,1961 Yuri Gagarin conquered space…

The spacecraft of Yuri Gagarin conquered space on April 12, 1961 taking off from the Baikanur Space Flight Station.

Since then this day is celebrated as Space Day every year.

unnamed (1)The first space flight in the world had raised a wave of great interest and Yuri Gagarin had gained great world fame and recognition.

Gagarin had visited dozens of countries around the world by the invitation of foreign governments and NGOs. Gagarin had been active in public and political affairs and had gained great reputation among the society.  

Gagarin worked at the Astronaut Training Center which is named after him ever since.

Gagarin was killed in a plane crash on a MiG-15 on March 27, 1968. The cause and circumstances of the plane crash have not been revealed yet.

In connection with Gagarin’s untimely death, a nationwide mourning was declared throughoutга the USSR. This was an exceptional case throughout Soviet history. Before and after that state national mourning was declared only in the case of the deaths of famous people of the country as the heads of the state etc.

Yuri Alexei Gagarin. He was the first astronaut-pilot of the world, a hero of the Soviet Union, he was rewarded many high state awards and was an honorary citizen of many cities in Russia and abroad. Colonel of the USSR Air Forces. USSR pilot-astronaut, 1st class military pilot, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. Deputy of the 7th and 8th convocations of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

In honor of the first astronaut of the world, many settlements and streets, avenues, planes and ships have been named after him including his hometown Gzatsk.  Monuments to Gagarin have been built in various cities around the world.