Due to the epidemic situation, the Scientific Council of Shushi University of Technology convened an extended online session on April 10 which was attended by vice-rectors, deans, chairs and course masters of college academic program.

Issues of distance learning were discussed.

According to the decision of the Scientific Council online lessons will continue to be organized according to the announced timetable. Video lectures and homework assignments will be posted on the official website of the university. The control of student-lecturer contact will be held by Vice-Rector P. You.  Gasparyan.

According to the decision of the Scientific Council, the deadlines for the defense of final theses scheduled for April have been postponed after May 15, 2020.

Taking into account the situation connected with the corona virus, students who do not have the necessary publications to defend their master’s theses have been given the opportunity to submit their papers by April 30. They will be posted on the university’s website and will be considered as printed works as an exception.