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Presentation of the website of «ArtsakhElectronic Library» was held at Shushi University of Technology. AvetikHarutyunyan, Chairman of the Union of Young Scientists and Specialists of Artsakh presented the opportunities and goals of the website to the students.

«The electronic library complements all the scientific and fiction literature about Artsakh»,- said A. Harutyunyanduring presentation at the university and added: «The e-library is one of the successful projects of uniting young scientists and professionals in Artsakh. It enables students, teachers and lecturers to search for the materials they are interested in and get relevant information on a particular topic. The website contains illustration of both the events implemented and planned by the organization and the illustration of scientific and educational events in Artsakh».

The Union of Young Scientists and Specialists of Artsakh tries to provide foreigners with objective information about us and our countrythrough an electronic library, to stimulate research on Artsakh thus counteracting the distortions of the Artsakh issue, statehood and various realities.

The speaker informed that the scientific works of the students and lecturers of Shushi University of Technology can also be loaded inArtsakh Electronic Library if they are sent to