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The meeting dedicated to the anticorruption policy was held at Shushi University of Technology in the conference hall on November 8th. The Head of the Commission for development of corruption risk and their analysis and mitigation measures, the Chair of the Humanities, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor MherHarutyunyan lectured on the topic of «Main corruption risks (possible manifestations of corruption) and directions of anti-corruption measures».

Presenting the program of Integrated Anti-Corruption Measures at the University 2018-2020 M. Harutyunyanclarified the level of awareness of the audience on the topic by asking questions and touched upon the activities of the leadership of Shushi University of Technology directed to prevention and fight against the phenomenon of possible corruption.

The meeting was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Technology of the University, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Ruzanna Hakobyan, the secretary of the above mentioned committee, lawyer Armine Danielyan, the students of the faculty and their lecturers.