20191101_144807Lecturer of the Department of Economics and Management of Yerevan State University, Doctor of Economics, Professor AshotMarkosyan lectured at Shushi  University of Technology for the bachelors and masters of the specialty   of «Agribusiness» on the topics of «Estimation of economic value of the water: methodology and existing information»,  «The results of evaluating the security level of South Caucasian Republics» and «Economic revolution and its prerequisites in the Republic of Armenia».

«Economic factors have significance in providing national security. National security is the guarantee and precondition of economic security and the contrary. These two procedures are interconnected and interrelated, that is why they are more often regarded in their unity. Such approach overcomes the isolated approach to state and economic polices»,- A. Markosyan had pointedthe social-economic, poverty, unemployment rate, gross domestic products and economic and security indicators of South Caucasian, Commonwealth and Baltic countries.

The speaker presented slides on the topics of the lectures and illustrated them and answered all the questions of the attendees and suggested perspective projects on the development of the economy.