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 Head of collecting team of «Teach, Armenia» educational foundation GorNazaryan and team member Margarita Muradyan met with the students at Shushi University of Technology.

 Speaking about the idea of creating «Teach, Armenia»educational foundation GorNazaryan had particularly noted: «We have such situation in the regions when we do not have teachers of main subjects. It means that we have partner schools where there were not teachers of Mathematics and Languages for years. It is a wide spread problem especially in villages where the pupils have to graduate the school without the necessary knowledge after which it becomes difficult for them to integrate to university life and besides, they face problems while being included in labour market. The created situation influences their further lifebased on objective ad subjective reasons. Facing this issue the educational foundation of «Teach, Armenia»was created years ago».

Margaret Muradyan introduced the students the conditions and demands of the program of «Teach, Armenia».