On the initiative of the lecturers and students of the Chair of Veterinary and Animal Breeding of the Faculty of Agriculture of Shushi University of Technology a dog was castrated in a specialized laboratory of the university. The surgery was performed by the lecturer of the Chair of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Artyusha Harutyunyan and the senior bachelors of the specialty of Veterinary Medicine also participated in the surgery.

  Let us add that the iodine used during the surgery was prepared by the students and Candidate of Veterinary Medicine, Senior lecturer of the Chair Flora Iskandaryan. 

According to A. Harutyunyan domestic animals continue to need professional attention and care.  «All animals, among them domestic animals need everyday care of veterinarian. Today we have done surgery such as castration. The basis of veterinary is surgery. If we don’t know our specialty, it will be difficult to obtain all the narrow professional nuances»,- A. Harutyunyan had mentioned in his speech.