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Ethnographer, historian, RA Honored cultural figure,  Candidate of Historical Sciences Levon Abrahamyan and writer, film critic, RA Honored cultural figure, Professor David Muradyan lectured in the conference hall of Shushi University of Technology.

Abrahamyan lectured on the topic «Tamanyan’s Yerevan» and spoke about great Academician of Architecture, National architect of Armenian SSR, founder of new Armenian architecture Alexander Tamanyan and much work done by him. The speaker emphasized the importance of Tamanyan’s projects. «We still need architects like Tamanyan today, they are the pride of the nation forever» –  L. Abrahamyan said.

David Muradyan lectured on the topic «Culture as a State Builder» at Shushi University of Technology touching upon the notion of culture and Armenian culture, cinema, music, photography and innovation of other arts noting that they had chained and become technological arts. 

Muradyan distinguished the figures who played significant roles in preserving and promoting Armenian culture. According to him, culture is a perpetual memory and a sphere of national preservation. «Culture unites even the opposing political forces, it is the bearer of common values without which a healthy state cannot survive», – D. Muradyan said. 

At the end of the lecture Levon Abrahamyan and David Muradyan donated a book entitled «Missing Voices, Memory and Recollections» to the scientific library of the university. The collection is a summary of research program of the Center for Oral History of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.