Artsakhi intelligence has had great loss: in the age of 89 scientist, farm manager, pedagogist, president of the Faculty council of the Department of Agriculture of Shushi University of Technology, Doctor of Agricultural Sciencies, Professor George Hakobyan passed away.   A. Hakobyan was born in 1930, October 28th in Gyune Chartar.  

He entered Stepanakert Agricultural college in 1947 and graduated it in 1950.  

He worked in different posts of partial and farm management spheres of the region in 1950-1951 and paralelly had graduated part-time devision of the Department of Agronomy of Baku Institute of Agriculture in 1961 and post graduated Krasnodar viticulture and horticulture zonal institute in 1968.     

Candidate of Agricultural Sciencies since 1969 and Doctor of Agricultural Sciencies since 1988.  A. Hakobyan studied the exploration of the chemical and physical properties of soils of different zones in Nagorni Karabakh in 1992 directed to investment of efficient technologies of viticulture and obtaining new sorts of grapes.     

He was invited to work in Artsakh State University in 1992 and had worked there as Chair of Agriculture till 2009.  

He was awarded the honorary title of Professor in 2005.   

He had been working in Stepanakert branch of Armenian National Agraraian University in 2009-2017.   

He had been working in Shushi University of Technology since 2017.   

Professor G. Hakobyan is the author of about 100 scientific publications. He was awarded numerous state awards many times.  

The life path of Professor George Hakobyan is worth to be a guideline for each person.