The 4th year students of the specialty of “Agronomy” of the department of Agriculture of Shushi University of Technology have an experimental practice  in “Nelson Musaelyan” farm and one hectare land belonging to the same company which is rented by the university in Martuni.

Accompanied by the Vice-rector of the university Saribek Galstyan and the head of “Nature Study and Research Laboratory” Gagik Nersisyan the students had a cognitive visit to the vineyard and greenhouses of the farm.  Then future farmers got acquainted with the two-tiered cordon system of “Khndoghni” grape sort, the formation of bush with one tomato straw, the peculiarities of greenhouse gardening, agronomic and economic advantages of drip irrigation.

The best sorts of tomatoes called “Armenian Miracle” and “Musa Ler” tested in Akna  and Martakert region in the previous years, a sort of eggplant called “Hoktemberyan”, a sort of pepper called “Loshtak”, cucumber sorts of “Mane” and “Hayarpi” and also each of watermelon, melon and pumpkin sorts of Armenian selection are mainly cultivated in this land belonging to the university.  


The students used the seedlings of their own production in experimental sowing. According to Vice – rector Saribek Galstyan, local production of seeds and seedlings will promote the efficiency of experiments thus reducing the cost of local vegetables.