A seminar-consultation on the topic “The current state of the RA Khanapat pedigree station and the issues of its development” took place in Shushi University of Technology attended by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Artsakh Tigran Arstamyan, the Head of the Department of Veterinary and Animal breeding Norayr Musayelyan, the Director of “Republican Veterinary and Food Laboratory” SNCO, Candidate of Veterinary science Flora Iskandaryan, the Director of “Khanapat pedigree station” CJSC Georgy Lalayan, representatives of the station, university lecturers and students.

The seminar-consultation was conducted by the Vice-rector of the University Saribek Galstyan. 

Here we should mention that according to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Artsakh, the certified management of “Khanapat pedigree station” CJSC was assigned to Shushi University of Technology. It aims to use the agricultural scientific potential of the University to develop the animal breeding industry as the main sector of the economy of the Republic taking into account the scientific-practical unsatisfactory level of graduates  and to establish practical connection between the theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of the students.

“The establishment of this connection will not only help to develop the students’ practical skills but also will be a good stimulus for the scientific development of young lecturers” – said S. Galstyan.

T. Alaverdyan, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Docent S. Shahnazaryan, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor A. Gulyan, Candidate of  Agricultural Sciences Flora Iskandaryan presented their reports on the topics of  “The goals and current state of the creation of Khanapat pedigree station Closed Joint-Stock Company”, “The scientific basis for the development of cattle milk production and cattle aimed breeding,” “The stable ways of animal feed in the Republic of Artsakh”, “The diseases of calves during their milky period and the use of necessary therapeutic-prophylactic measures in Khanapat pedigree station Closed Joint-Stock Company”.

The speakers also touched upon the shortcomings and problems stated in the cattle breeding sector.

Alisa Sargsyan

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