Shushi University of Technology organizes different visits to the art,  historical- geological and coins museums of Shusi within the framework of students’ cultural development the purpose of which is to show the modern generation both the historical-cultural life of the town, the history of Artsakh,  the Armenian cultural values and  to develop military patriotic feelings in them. Here we should mention that the visits are distinguished according to the specialties of the students. 

The next visit of the students was to Shushi  Historical – geological museum initiated by the Head of the Chair of  “The Humanities and Languages”, historian Mher Harutyunyan and the lecturer of Physics  Eleonora Avanesyan with the 1st year college students of  the specialties of “Transportation and traffic management”,   “Agriculture” and “Veterinary medicine” where the students got acquainted with the history of the construction of the museum, the antiquities illustrating  the ancient past of the museum, about 5000 collections with enriched national historical information, the art masterpieces of local craftsmen and the heroic moments of the liberation struggle of the town of different times. 

The University will continuously organize such kind of visits to various museums thus underlining and highlighting their role and importance for students.