On  February 16,  2017 the Agency of Intelletual Property  of RA Trade and Economic  Development Ministry   has patented  the  invention ” An ointment of complex effects “, presented  by Shushi university of technology  under  the number  3080А from 31.10.2016.

 The writing team was led by head of the laboratory of natural technologies of SHUT Gagik Nersisyan.

   The invention relates to medicine, in particular to  ointments with antiviral, regenerating action. The purpose of the invention is to provide nutritious food, smoothing and restoring skin elasticity. The cream contains sea buckthorn oil, beeswax, propolis, spermaceti, olive oil and cocoa butter. Due to its composition the ointment has five cosmetic and medicinal properties, which is important for the treatment of burns and wounds, considering that propolis has antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Sea buckthorn oil contains beta-carotene, vitamins and pro-vitamins necessary for the skin; cocoa butter strengthens the skin permeability, thereby promoting the skin penetration of other components; spermaceti promotes penetration of ingredients into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, beeswax and propolis contribute to linking the above components. Studies on volunteers revealed that this ointment can be used both for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes: for food , elasticity improvement and restore skin elasticity . The  laboratory studies confirmed that the ointment does not cause any side-effects (poisoning  and allergic reactions). This ointment can be used with  applying patch and without.

   After obtaining an appropriate certification, patented by SHUT  the  ointment will come out on the market.