Dear students, teachers and staff of the University!

Together we began the hard way in 2016. However, we passed it well and built upon these achievements to move forward!

Dear students! I am deeply grateful for your dedication and faith in the future. In 2016  many of you have shown sufficient willingness to learn and  acquire the engineering and agriculture professions. Many of you have participated at international conferences. But particularly memorable  was participation  of   a  student of the technological faculty  A.Balayan in the scientific conference in Częstochowa (Poland).

Dear professors, associate professors, lecturers, technicians and administration employees of the University!  You have solved many problems of the University with   conscientious and dedicated work. It will take another few years of consistent work and patience before you get results! Many of you should be proud of working  in Shushi University of Technology, which is the best in the region!

You should believe !

I also want to express my gratitude to those who are far from Shushi, those who were with us in the beginning of 2016 and helped us to create a constructive atmosphere for further progress. This is the most important thing…

And how would said Paruyr Sevak:

“Let the coming year will speed up our luck and good will!

Let born a lot of children and there will be many weddings in our homeland!

And trembling lips and goosebumps at the sight of our mountains, lakes and rivers!»

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!