Discussions in Rostov-on-Don

On April 09, Acting Rector of Shushi University of Technology H. Tokmajyan , Rector of Don State Technical University Professor Besiarion Meshi and Rector of Rostov State Construction University, Professor Alexey Beskopilniu discussed the possibilities of horizontal cooperation between the universities.
In the coming days, the two largest technical universities of Rostov are going to join together, after which a Cooperation Framework Agreement is planned to sign with Shushi University of Technology. According to the agreement, the students of Shushi University of Technology will have the opportunity to study in the united university with short-term programs, which will be a base point for the southern region of Russia.
An agreement has also been reached, that the students of Rostov university will visit Artsakh and undergo practical training in a variety of specialties.
Implementation of joint scientific, educational and methodological issues has been discussed.
After the discussions, Prof. Alexei N. Beskopilni has been nominated as a member of the education council of the Bulletin of high technology.