Professor Robert S. Minasyan-member of the editorial council of the Bulletion of High Technology

By the decision of the rector of Shushi University of Technology, head redactor of the Bulletin of High Technology H.V.Tokmajyan from 18th of March 2016, N14-BHT-EC/16, a member of the editorial council of the Bulletin is nominated Professor Robert S. Minasyan


Brief biography of a member of the Editorial board
Bulletin of High Technology Robert S. Minasyan
Engineer-Geophysics, Doctor of Geological Sciences (1992), Professor (1993)

The main area of activity: Studding of ground water of the regions, engineering geological conditions of the dams using geophysical methods, studding dangerous engineering-geological phenomenon and processes, estimation of present conditions of the reservoirs and recommendations of its safe operation.
Author of more than 200 scientific publications in Russian, English and Armenian among of them 3 monographs in Russian.
Date of Birth: 25 May 1934, Republic of Armenia.
1953-1958 Diploma in Geological-Geophysical Engineering, Moscow State University.
1962-1966 Post-graduate course, PhD in Geological Engineering, Faculty Of Geology, Moscow. State University.
Work Experience:
1966-1968 Chief Geophysics of Armenian Geological Management.
1968-2013 Head of Laboratory of the Engineering Geophysics and the Department of Geofiltration. and Underground water. Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Problems.
2001-2015 Professor, Head of the Department of Geophysics, Yerevan State University.
2015- to present Professor of the Department of Geophysics, Yerevan State University.
Memberships of Professional Associations
-Member of the Engineering -Geophysics Commission of the Council on Engineering Geology in the Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation.
-Member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
-Chairmen of the specialized “Earth Sciences” at the Highest Certifying board of the Republic of Armenia.
-Member of Scientific Committee in the Yerevan State University.
“Gold Medal” of Yerevan State University (2009).
“Gold Medal” of Ministry of Urban Development of the Republic of Armenia (2014).